Plien Air artists to display art at Village of Monroe

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  • Photo by Minjin Kung Susan Roth painting at Crane Park in Monroe.

  • Photo by Peter Kopher A portrait of the Artist Painting: Shawn Dell Joyce painting at Monroe's Founder's Day Event in Monroe.

— Monroe is the home to the newly founded Monroe Arts Society and is looking for new members who love to paint and draw outdoors.

The Monroe Arts Society was founded last year by five artists who enjoy “Plein Air,” painting outside on site under the leadership of Susan Roth, who has a bachelor’s degree in arts and has experience managing non-profits.

She became interested in starting a group after developing friendships with the artists met through the Wallkill River School of Art and organizing Plien Air events at Highland Falls/West Point and Monroe.

The Monroe Arts Society was founded to provide a way for the artists and the public to interact, for the artists to develop and refresh skills, create new friendships and support and encourage each other, whether they want to become professional or are looking for ways that Plein Air art can enrich their lives.

Many MAS members are also members of other local arts organizations and support their development as well.

Members of the Monroe Arts Society were often seen outside painting in various locations at the Monroe’s Crane Park this spring, summer and fall, and welcomed curious onlookers to discuss their paintings.

OpportunitiesThose who are interested in joining MAS, whether amateur, student or professional, can find out more about the Monroe Arts Society through its website,

In the fall, the Monroe Arts Society held several paint outs in Monroe, but the two most notable ones were held at the Founder’s Day Event at Crane Park in the Village of Monroe on Sept. 15 and at the Community Day Event on Oct. 20th near O&R Lake in the Town of Monroe.

Several professional artists participated in Plein Air event in Monroe, including Shawn Dell Joyce, Mitchell Saler, Chrissy Spoor-Pahucki, Marylyn Vanderpool, Sal Russo, Minjin Kung, Naomi Genen, Mary Mugele-Sealfon, R.G. Peredo, Kat Parrella and Roth.

On display Dec. 15 and 16The art created at these events, along with other artwork will be displayed at the Monroe Village Hall on Dec. 15 and 16 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with an opening reception on Dec. 15 at 10 a.m.

The art on display at this event will center on the beauty of Monroe and the Plein Air that was created here, but other subjects will be on display as well.

The public is invited to this event, and to experience the beauty of Monroe through the eyes of these artists.

Art will also be for sale at this event.

"Our local artists enrich our communities," Roth said, "and provide us with important reminders of the beauty of the places that we call home."
"Our local artists enrich our communities and provide us with important reminders of the beauty of the places that we call home."
Susan Roth, one of the five artists who founded the Monroe Art Society last year

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