Lorraine Carroll seeks re-election to the Monroe-Woodbury School Board

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My name is Lorraine Carroll and I am seeking re-election to the Monroe-Woodbury Board of Education.

I am a 19-year resident and have four children, my youngest is a junior in our High School.

During my six years on the BOE, I have served on several different board committees. I was assigned to both the audit committee and policy committee.

A board member's main responsibility is overseeing the district's policies, budget review and management.

Having an accounting background made the audit committee a natural fit. I was able to grasp and understand budgets, forecasts and accounting principles.

As a former substance abuse counselor, I understand the substance abuse crisis in our country. I believe addressing this is one of the greatest challenges we face as a community.

I strive to be genuine, open minded, empathetic and to always look to improve opportunities for our children. This is critical when dealing with children and parents.

When I am reviewing new or updated policies, procedures and state mandates I always advocate for our school community.

Your best interests is always imperative and always part of the process.

When I first joined the BOE, my concerns for our students centered on bullying, drug abuse/mental health issues.

I also recognized the need to update and revise our special education curriculum.

My colleagues and I have made inroads in these areas, but there remains so much more to do.

I take pride in the fact that I was able to reinstate school trips, create two additional sports team and unified sports teams.

Some of this was funded through a 611 grant.

I spearheaded the "Save a Life Forum," which created area coalition groups within our community.

These groups have brought awareness and focus on the devastating effects of drug addiction and mental health issues that are destroying our children and families.

In addition, I was steadfast in our need to continue the anti-bullying survey which in turn inspired the district to administer the National Climate Survey.

This effort ultimately created the MW CARES movement.

I along with my colleagues also approved the veteran school tax reduction program.

I support adding a non-voting student to the board; I believe that will add a much needed student prospective to our board.

I will continue to support our staff and encourage professional throughout our district, focusing on curriculum as well as mental health issues.

I was pleased to see that the capital improvement project was passed in October. This project is going be a huge benefit to the community. It will improve our facilities and encourage all of our students regardless if they are in the class room or on the sports field to participate and excel.

I would like the opportunity to continue the work we have started.

I will continue to work with my colleagues on the board of education to improve our student's outcomes and oversee our taxpayers finances.

I will encourage improved school safety policies and enhanced support for our incredible teaching and support staff.

Thank you for your continued support and please remember to exercise your right to vote on May 21.

Lorraine Carroll

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